"Floral Spaciousness" extra large square grey painting on canvas


Abstract textured acrylic painting on canvas, measuring 160x160 cm / 62x62 inches (on the stretcher 145x145cm / 56x56 inches). This artwork, signed, dated, and titled on the reverse, is shipped in a tube for safety and cost-effectiveness. Rolled works can be easily stretched upon arrival or framed by a local framer.

"Floral Spaciousness" features a mesmerizing display of textured roses in shades of pink and soft yellow against a light gray background. The gray backdrop, sprinkled with white accents, complements interiors with a classic gray-and-white design. On the other hand, the delicate blossoms create a charming image, adding a touch of to the overall ambiance.

The arrangement of flowers, seemingly chaotic yet harmonious, invites viewers to appreciate the tranquility within the composition. Infused with Eckhart Tolle's philosophy, the painting radiates a peaceful and meditative atmosphere, encouraging observers to embrace the beauty of the present moment.

In essence, "Floral Spaciousness" captures the beauty of nature and prompts viewers to slow down, savor their surroundings, and be present in the moment.