"Flower Swing" large square floral artwork


Abstract textured acrylic painting on a 100x100x4 cm canvas (39.4 x 39.4 x 1,7inches), elegantly named "Flower Swing." This captivating mixed-media creation on gallery-wrapped canvas is a visual symphony, ready to grace your space without the need for framing. The sides are thoughtfully painted, and it carries my signature, date, and a Certificate of Authenticity.

Step into the enchanting world of "Flower Swing," where impasto colors dance in a meditative celebration of floral magic. Inspired by Eckhart Tolle's philosophy, this artwork extends an invitation to swing into the heart of the present moment.
The floral swing becomes a metaphor, inviting you to gently sway through the garden of now, where flowers symbolize the beauty of living in the present. Much like a flower doesn't dwell on the past or future, the Flower Swing embodies the art of embracing each moment's unique splendor.

Crafted with a fusion of abstract expressionism and modern art, "Flower Swing" doesn't merely showcase technique but seeks to evoke an emotional connection. The painting is an exploration of the timeless wisdom echoed by flowers, beckoning us to revel in the beauty of now.

Style: Abstract expressionism converges with modern art, creating a visual narrative that encourages you to swing into the floral essence of the present. Join me on the "Flower Swing" as we gracefully navigate the boundless beauty of each moment...