"December Sky: Blooms in Silence" floral very large art


Feel the serene embrace of 'December Sky: Blooms in Silence,' an abstract textured acrylic painting on canvas measuring 80x165x2 cm. This piece, influenced by abstract expressionism and modern art, is a captivating exploration of a mellow German winter.

Imagine a tranquil, light gray sky in December, where slightly darker clouds drift gently, offering a composition of flowers that unfolds like a meditative revelation. The painting reflects the calmness of the season, inviting you to a meditative journey amidst impasto colors.

Some petals, created using transparent paste, add an ethereal dimension, conveying the fleeting and fragile nature of the flora. This subtle detail complements the overall perception of the painting, creating a visual palette where each element calls for meditation.

The artwork is versatile, designed to be hung either horizontally or vertically, mirroring the boundless nature of the sky it portrays. Its mixed media on gallery-wrapped canvas requires no framing, and the sides are thoughtfully painted.

Step into a world of impasto colors, where the December sky holds the essence of meditation, and flowers speak in the language of silence and interconnected beauty.