"Puder Blue Morning" vertical format textured painting


Vertical allure graces this 100x50x2 cm (39,4 х 19,7 х 0,8 inches) canvas, a harmonious fusion of my contemporary flair with a touch of Impressionism. The subtle texture beneath, crafted with coarse structural paste, forms the backdrop for delicate branches adorned with caramel-gold roses, their dark-blue petals featuring a golden sheen.

Upon the powdery blue background, a dance of caramel-gold and dark-blue, with hints of golden reflections, unfolds. This unique blend of colors and textures adds a touch of poetic elegance to the artwork, inviting viewers into a realm where nature meets artistry.

The vertical format isn't merely a choice; it's an invitation to infuse your space with a serene blend of nature-inspired art. Imagine this piece gracing your wall, effortlessly harmonizing with your decor and offering a distinctive focal point. Ready to hang and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, this isn't just a painting; it's a personal expression, bringing sophistication and a floral charm with a touch of powdery blue and caramel-gold to your surroundings.