"Caramel Roses I"


"Caramel Roses" encapsulates a distinctive quality that distinguishes it within the realm of art. This piece, measuring 100x40x4 cm (39.4 x 15.7 x 1.7 inches), is not only a standalone artwork but also complements and harmonizes seamlessly when paired with another from the series. Its versatile nature allows for both horizontal and vertical display options, providing endless combinations and possibilities.

Technique: Crafted using mixed media – acrylic paint and structure paste on gallery-wrapped canvas, "Caramel Roses" is ready to adorn your space, requiring no framing. The sides of the canvas are thoughtfully painted, contributing to its aesthetic completeness. The artwork is personally signed, dated, and titled, accompanied by a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Style: Influenced by abstract expressionism and modern art, my technique involves original mixed media applications, incorporating undiluted acrylic paint, ink, gel medium, and structure paste onto the canvas. I take pleasure in creating impasto abstract paintings, utilizing spatulas, writing tubes, and everyday fruit knives to construct three-dimensional flowers and surfaces in my pieces. Transparent paint is strategically integrated to accentuate the inherent airiness and lightness inspired by nature.