"Movement" floral triptych


"Look at the flowers. It is simply unbelievable how happy flowers are." -Osho

The painting, titled "Movement," consists of three parts measuring 110x20x4 cm (43.3x7.9x1.6 inches), 110x20x4 cm (43.3x7.9x1.6 inches), and 110x12.5x4 cm (43.3x4.9x1.6 inches), respectively. Against a cool, pale blue background, delicate branches are chaotically distributed across the canvases, evoking a sense of movement in the open air.

I painted this piece on a very warm and sunny day in March, where the air practically exuded the essence of spring. One could not only smell but also feel the arrival of spring practically tingling on the skin.

Being a triptych, this painting offers numerous possibilities for display, allowing for various arrangements to showcase its dynamic composition.

The work is ready to hang. No framing required. The sides of the work are painted.
The artwork is signed, dated and titled. Original artwork with signed Certificate of Authenticity.