Acrylic structure colorful painting "Wonderful Dream" with flowers 100x100x2cm

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Abstract textured acrylic painting on canvas 100x100x2cm. Mixed Media on gallery wrapped canvas. The work is ready to hang. No framing required. The sides of the work are painted.

Flowers are “like messengers of another world, like a bridge between the dimension of physical forms and the formless."- Eckhart Tolle Thus, this painting is imbued with symbolism through flowers. The rope ladder, which has become, in fact, also my calling card for many years, symbolizes for her the races deep into myself. It is sometimes interrupted or even disappears. But this interruption or disappearance does not mean failure, on the contrary: just a short pause, freezing to listen to the moment now and ... to make the final leap in the spiritual process.
A flowery font - here and there - our running thoughts, which we can observe, and which we can control if we are conscious. Awareness is expressed in my paintings most often by one empty, light and unfilled space, which lets everything in and allows everything to be as it is, without objections and value judgments.

The artwork is signed, dated and titled. Original artwork with signed Certificate of Authenticity.